Out of Key (s)

Out of Key (s) was originally created and performed in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, for UrbanFestival 2008. It was recreated in São Paulo for Mostra SESC de Artes 2008 and performed in Munique in 2009 at PREVIEW+BR FESTIVAL.

The work includes:
– the installation of seven fixed doors that show different possibilities of reality through the images seen in their spy holes. These images establish a dialogue with the surrounding areas, and relate to the social, political and economical issues of the city.
– choreographic actions by five performers with five moving doors. Doors are carried around the streets, squares and are used in non-habitual ways, causing estrangement, creating instant installations. The audience is invited to look into the spy holes, answer questions and leave messages at the doors.

The project can be adapted to each town in which it is produced and happens in relevant points of the city.

In Zagreb… 

In São Paulo…

In Campinas

Por onde já passou

2008 — UrbanFestival - Zagreb, Croatia

2008 — Mostra SESC de Artes - São Paulo, Brazil

2009 — Festival Preview Plus Brasil - Munich, Germany

2014 — Cidade Ocupada - Campinas, Brazil


From Vista to Pattern, BypassingTomislav Medak. Urban Festival, 2008, Croatia.
Concepção e DireçãoCristiane Zuan Esteves
Atrizes CriadorasAna Luiza Leão, Cristiane Zuan Esteves, Graziela Mantoanelli, Paula Possani