About Us

About the Group

OPOVOEMPÉ means literally “People on their feet”.

It gives the idea of people moving, rather then riding or sitting. People in active existence or operation.

OPOVOEMPÉ focuses on physicality, activation and the development of the creative actor. It calls for a vivid interaction with the spectator, that is stimulated to perceive, see, imagine, interfere, create, act.

The projects of OPOVOEMPÉ explore the frontiers of the dramatic act. They aim to promote new relationsbetween people and the space of the city.

Since 2005, the group has been making theatre, audio participatory work, and  interventions in closed venues and  public spaces in the city of São Paulo. Streets, squares, supermarkets, street fairs, crossroads, train stations and windows of buildings have been the targets of the works of OPOVOEMPÉ. The group has made choreographic actions with moving doors, has created instant installations with daily newspapers,has created strategies to collect documental material or has simply moved between invisibility and event, between banal gesture and the dance of everyday life.


Artistic Director, Concept and Dramaturgy:  Cristiane Zuan Esteves http://www.opovoempe.org/novo/en/who-are-we/cristiane-zuan-esteves/

Creatives and Performers:  Ana Luiza Leão, Manuela Afonso

Executive Production: Anayan Moretto