9:50 Any Sofa

It is a movement play, a theatrical poem, about fait divers – strange facts that disrupt the logic of everyday life.
Using a white sofa and sheets of paper, four women narrate, dance and create images based on real stories. The stories cause perplexity and question our certainties: a woman is hit by lightning while brushing her teeth, a nanny puts a baby in a drying machine, a blind driver drives a car in the wrong direction.
Are things really what we think they are?

In this way, OPOVOEMPÉ brings to a closed space, the language developed with urban interventions, based on choreographic actions, structures of improvisation and direct communication with the spectator, who is  invited to actively elaborate the senses proposed by the staging. 9:50 Any Sofa  seeks unrealistic, transposed images where meaning is achieved  through gesture  and  spatial relationships. The performance is close to  dance theater and physical theater. The sofa-space-of-narrative, is used in an unusual way . It becomes an analogy of a  fait diver, being what it is and, at the same time, breaking known senses, reflecting moments where certainties and causalities dissolve.



Concepção e DireçãoCristiane Zuan Esteves
Atrizes criadoresAna Luiza Leão, Graziela Mantoanelli, Manuela Afonso, Paula Possani
DramaturgiaCristiane Zuan Esteves
IluminaçãoFlávio Rabello /Vinicius Andrade
FigurinoAnne Cerutti
Trilha SonoraMano Bap
MúsicasMano Bap, Denis Duarte e Maurício Takara
Programação VisualBruno D´Angelo
FotosAlexandre Schneider, Christian Castanho, Felipe Carneiro, Rodrigo Rosenthal
Direção de ProduçãoHenrique Mariano