Evacuation Frankfurt

Intervention created especially for the Evacuation Frankfurt Project, curated and conceived by Akira Takayama in the city of Frankfurt and Rhein region, with the production of the Mousonturm Kunstlerhaus, 2014.

From the answers given to an online questionnaire, the public received suggestions of different tours. In them, maps of places in the city where he / she should attend at a certain time.

OPOVOEMPÉ’s work left the world headquarters of Deutsche Bank, where the participants received a soundtrack and a “passport”, full of questions. They were taken into a train to an immigrant neighborhood, and after several experiments, audience and performers came to a vineyard on the banks of the Meine River, where they participated together in a picnic.

Galeria de Fotos

Por onde já passou

2014 — Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. Frankfurt


Auf der Suche nach sich selbstFrankfurter Rundschau, 2014
Concepção, Direção e DramaturgiaCristiane Zuan Esteves
Atores CriadoresBeto Matos, Caio Paduan, Cristiane Zuan Esteves, Joana Dória e Pedro Semeghini
Trilha Sonora PercursoCristiane Zuan Esteves e Pedro Semeghini
Entrevistas e Produção ExecutivaEva Dohne, e Marie Schaarschmidt
FotosMasahiro Hasunuma e Beto Matos