In Brazil, Where is That? That is Where?

In “BRAZIL, THIS IS WHERE?”, is the creation in which we are working today. We want to question the images and illusions that constitute our supposed identity.
The myths of the cordial Brazilian, of racial democracy.
Today, as intolerance grows, it is impossible not to know that we are a country where  genocide of minorities is a daily practice.

“There is a certain difficulty in dialoguing today.”

The starting procedure is that of a failed conference piece, censored, monitored, as are our teachers today. We also use procedures and scenic elements from a previous work with a very similar name “In Poland, This Is Where?” (Inspired by Kantor’s work, created for Machine Exhibition Tadeusz Kantor / 2015, a reflection on Brazil through post Poland -Holocaust).

To anchor this work, we dive into two of the greatest Brazilian thinkers, the educator Paulo Freire and the geographer Milton Santos. Both internationally respected and exiled during the Brazilian Military Dictatorship.
Freire, who recently has been attacked cowardly , brings us the tools to analyze the culture in which we are immersed. His method for adult literacy will be the procedure to discover “the generating words” of what forms Brazil today.
In Milton Santos, we seek the methodology of space and landscape. Landscape, fragment that crystallizes the past and that changes according to our position in relation to it. The landscape that only becomes space through the actions of the people, the use that a society makes of it.


Por onde já passou

2019 — Currently in Creation

Dramaturgy and DirectionCristiane Zuan Esteves
CollaboratorsAna Luiza Leão and Manuela Afonso