Magnetic Guerrilla

The urgency to integrate action and the target of action.

The need of developing non-conventional strategies.

The belief in subtle transformation occurring through art.

Transformation that may attract and radiate, become magnetic.

Through the series of interventions of Guerrilha Magnética, OPOVOEMPÉ seeks to explore the dramatic and choreographic potential of daily life in urban situations. Based in elements of guerilla strategies, the group developed ways of penetrating in different social situations, and from within, subvert operating functions and alter the perception of the participants.

The interventions intend to cause rupture of communication barriers, revelation of humor and play, change in the use of public space, and the manifestation of latent contents or social tensions previously unnoticed. The interventions consider the situations of traffic, consumption and work.

Each intervention aims to reveal invisible dynamics and behaviors of people who live and use the city.

Each intervention is an investigation.

Each intervention seeks to break apathy and indifference, to install a creative atmosphere of play and to reveal the poetic content of the city.

In this sense, the interventions of Guerrilha Magnética are also a method of investigation of the human condition and the limits of the theatrical act, blurring the frontiers between art and life.


O que se viu que você vê?

Para onde você vai?

Esse sofá é para contar

O que você não deixa para trás?


Janelas e Flanelas

Concept and DirectionCristiane Zuan Esteves
PerformersAna Luiza Leão, Cristiane Zuan Esteves Graziela Mantoanelli, Júlia Jalbut, Manuela Afonso, Paula Possani