What Can´t You Leave Behind?

In City Squares

White bundles of clothes,  small colorful pieces of cloth and the question “What can’t you leave

The work was first performed as a series of interventions in Praça da Sé in São Paulo, the most traditional square of the city, where migrants, displaced by poor living conditions in other parts of the country, gather and work.

In this choreographic intervention, the group collects answers from the audience in colorful pieces
of cloth. The answers are hanged on the white bundles, which gradually become colored by people’s answers.



Por onde já passou

2006 — São Paulo

Direction and DramaturgyCristiane Zuan Esteves
PerformersAna Luiza Leão, Bruno Rudolf, Cristiane Zuan Esteves, Graziela Mantoanelli, Júlia Jalburt, Manuela Afonso, Paula Possani