What Was Seen That You See

In the streets, the front covers of newspapers of the day, headlines in different languages.

In this choreographic action, performers create instant, moving installations with daily newspapers. The action establishes a dialogue with the architecture of the city and with the current social context. Extra newspapersmay be handed out to audience members who wish to join in the action.

OPOVOEMPÉ performers take an established route and have in their hands daily newspapers,  with the help of which, they transit between event and invisibility, creating mobile and live instalations at strategic points. In addition to considering the spatiality and dynamics of the route, OPOVOEMPÉ seeks the active participation of everyday people, which in certain moments are revealed, amplifying the action developed by the group itself.


Por onde já passou

2007 — São Paulo

Direction and ConceptCristiane Zuan Esteves
PerformersAna Luiza Leão, Cristiane Zuan Esteves, Graziela Mantoanelli, Júlia Jalburt, Manuela Afonso, Paula Possani
Guest PerformersBruno Rudolf, Tony Perucci (EUA), Raphael Soipher (EUA)